What is Tapping?

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1. Background
  1. Based on ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology
  2. We tap endpoints of meridians on our body while focusing on a stressful thought
  3. This sends a calming signal to the amygdala (fight or flight center of body)
  4. We are desensitizing the brain to stress/turning off the stress signal/rewiring the way our brain responds to stress
  5. Research has shown EFT to be helpful for stress, anxiety, pain, limiting beliefs, and weight loss
2. Steps for EFT/Tapping
  1. Pick what you want to tap on (stress or pain)
  2. Rate the level of your problem from 0-10 (ten=worst)
  3. Tap on the points while saying,
    “Even though______(problem), I accept this about myself.”
    1. Karate Chop (outside edge of hand)
    2. Eyebrow (inside eye) (“Hairy Eyebrow Point”)
    3. Outside Eye (“Super Eagle Eye”)
    4. Under Eye (“Lion Cry”)
    5. Under Nose (“Dragon Fire”)
    6. Under Chin (“Wolf’s Chin”)
    7. Collar Bone (“Gorilla Thump”)
    8. Under Arm(“Bear Hug”)
    9. Top of Head(“Monkey Point”)
  4. Take a deep belly breath (4 counts in, 4 counts out)
  5. Re-rate the level of your problem from 0-10 (ten=worst)
  6. If it is now below a 2, you are done!
  7. If it is above a two, continue the tapping sequence above until you feel better or it is below a 2.
3. Abby’s Tapping Videos:
  1. Intro/Demo

  2. Maven and the Magic Buttons (Book)

  3. Gorilla Thumps and Bear Hugs (Book)

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