What We Provide

One-on-one, personalized instruction to meet your child’s unique learning needs. Subjects include (but not limited to) reading, writing, math, French, study skills, self-monitoring, and organizational/executive function skills.

COACHING in (but not limited to) the following areas:
~Evidence-Based Resiliency Skills ~Neurodivergence Coaching ~Goal-Setting ~Self-Awareness ~Self-Regulation~Self-Monitoring ~Calming Tools ~Emotional Regulation Tools ~Growth Mindset/Grit ~Positive Self-Talk ~Mindfulness ~Social Skills ~EFT (Tapping)

As a former general and special education teacher, I understand the importance of effective communication and collaboration between home and school. I am happy to attend conferences, IEP meetings, and work with the school/teachers to help foster your child’s success. These are just a few of the possible ways I can support parents and families–if you have other needs, please let me know!