Abby has co-authored a journal article on Growth Mindset as well as a children’s book, Feelings Are a Trip!! Available on Amazon in both hard copy and e-book format. Click on the following link to order:

Overview of Book:
Feelings Are A Trip is a whimsical adventure into the wonderful world of feelings. Imagine that our lives are made up of our travels through many different feeling lands. Each feeling land is unique and offers a new world for us to explore…another stop on our amazing life journey. Feelings Are A Trip takes the reader on an exciting trip through these feeling worlds. Which worlds will we visit? Shall we go to the Land of Happy? Perhaps take a peek in the Land of Scared? Or celebrate in the Land of Excited? We’ll visit seven feelings worlds, each giving us a different experience. The reader will learn how to recognize how they are feeling—what feeling world they are in—by listening to their body signs. We’ll also figure out some simple ways to embrace the positive feeling worlds and handle the more challenging worlds. Let’s take off and venture through these feelings lands, where we will learn, grow and discover that feelings are okay–in fact, they are quite a cool trip!! “This feelings trip is like a rainbow, rich with feelings of all shades and hues. Everyone’s trip a little different, everyone walking in their own shoes. You couldn’t have a rainbow with just a color or two, so appreciate all of the colors…the red, pink, green and blue!”